Embrace Positive Touch - Why Cuddle? - Fredericksburg, VA
Embrace Positive Touch - Touch heals. Embrace it!

Touch is really good for us.   
Some populations are more at risk for
being Touch-deprived:
health benefits of cuddling
  • The Elderly living alone, Widows, Widowers
  • The lonely. Not in a relationship, and don't want to have to be, just for touch
  • Those living away from friends and family due to work, school, or other life circumstances
  • Those whose Significant Others who do not like to be physically affectionate
  • People living with HIV. Ignorance can cause friends and family to abandon.
  • Separated, but not yet divorced
  • Survivors of abuse who wish to conquer their fears about touch in a safe container, with someone they can trust
  • Sufferers of PTSD from other traumas

sleeping on his chestWhat does touch do?

*Decreases stress (measurably lowered Cortisol in the blood)
*Improves mood, lessens anxiety and depression (measurably increased levels of dopamine, oxytocin, endorphins, and seratonin--the same brain chemicals stimulated by anti-depressants)

*Improves sleep,
*Improves digestion
*Improves circulation
*Lowers blood pressure
*Aids in deeper, more relaxed breathing
*Lowers heart rates
*Improves immunity and produces faster recoveries
*Improves ability to cope with chronic and acute pain
*Facilitates better social, emotional, and physical development in
children and babies
*Adds an additional layer of context to verbal communication, increases understanding
*increases co-operation, participation, and self esteem in students
*increases co-operative spirit, compassion, and empathy in adults

By contrast, individuals who are touch-deprived often have increased difficulty in many of these same areas. 

With such clear benefits, why aren't we touching more?

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