Embrace Positive Touch - Touch Rates and Services - Fredericksburg, VA
Embrace Positive Touch - Touch heals. Embrace it!

Rates and Services:

Cuddling and Touch:
Cuddling for relaxation only     
$80 per hour, 60 minute minimum.

Movie cuddles:$1 per minute for length of the movie. Popcorn/soda provided. Some restrictions apply.

Touch Exploration and Boundaries Work not under therapist direction: $1 per minute, 30 min minimum.

Touch Exploration and Boundaries Work in cooperation with and under direction of your LCSW or MSW:
$100 per hour  (Your Therapist may be present if you wish. You must arrange that yourself. I can also meet with you and your therapist at their office, if that is preferable.) 

Please note: I cannot accept insurance. All services must be paid for by the client.

Snuggle Parties are in the works! (Check out CuddleParty.com  to get a sense of what a Snuggle Party is all about.) They will be comparatively inexpensive.  Check back for details! Email us if you would like to be put on a contact list for when these begin.  Or, you can join the Facebook group Fredericksburg, Virginia Snuggle Community and I post things there,as well. 

Due to the differences in boundaries between Cuddling sessions and Massage Therapy,  Massage appointments and Cuddling appointments cannot follow one another on the same day.


All services are By Appointment Only.  

Please see the Contact Us page to set an appointment. Please include your name, and indicate which type of service you are seeking when you contact me. Thank you!