Embrace Positive Touch - Testimonials - Fredericksburg, VA
Embrace Positive Touch - Touch heals. Embrace it!

"One day I ran across an ad for Embrace Positive Touch. I never knew that such a service existed. I have always loved to cuddle and I was experiencing an exceptionally stressful week so I thought "what the heck I'll give it a try".
My therapist was named Donna. When I met her she immediately made me feel at ease. She must realize that a lot of people who come to her are very shy and nervous about being cuddled by someone they barely know. She was very professional, but she also was very warm and friendly. She spent a lot of time with me before the session asking me what my goals were for the session, letting me know what to expect from the session, and allowing me to ask questions.
When I visited Embrace Positive Touch I was not sure what to expect. I had been to massage therapists before, so I thought the experience might be similar to that. In some ways it was similar. There was soft new age music and human touch. But one difference that I experienced was that whereas the touch of a massage therapist tended to bring relaxation and healing to my muscles, the touch of my cuddle therapist had more of a psychological effect on me. When I was cuddled I had a deep sense of nurturance, serenity, comfort, peace, relaxation, security and just ... happiness. It really brightened up my day. I thought to myself that massage therapy may be great for my physical health, but cuddle therapy is really great for my psychological health!
I would recommend cuddle therapy to anyone who wants to feel psychologically rejuvenated or anybody who just wants to take a peaceful, quiet break from the real world."
B. M.

"What a great session! I've always known I liked cuddling and hugs and affection and just human contact in general. But, due to certain life events I found myself without most of those things. It was so nice to feel that connection again. I felt very comfortable throughout the whole experience, from the intake interview to the cuddle session itself. I would highly recommend Embrace Positive Touch to anyone. I can't wait to schedule my next session."
M. H.