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About Donna

Donna Pirnat, Embrace Positive Touch LLC
Hi, I'm Donna. I'm a mom of two great young men, and a former Elementary school teacher. I grew up in a very jovial and affectionate family, and it never really occurred to me that so many people...didn't.

As a teacher, I had the opportunity to witness the magical openness of children. Children love fearlessly, and aside from the intrinsic rewards of nourishing young minds, I was nourished daily by the seemingly endless flow of unsolicited hugs and affection bestowed upon me by my young charges.

It wasn't until I had to retire from teaching due to depression and anxiety, that I realized the tremendous difference all those little hugs had made in my day, every day. It dawned on me that most adults don't get to hug their co workers. If you live alone, or with touch-averse people, you're pretty much stuck. A lot of people get into, and stay in, dysfunctional relationships, because they are trying to fill a void that platonic touch would fill.

I read about Jackie Samuels' The Snuggery in Rochester, and it immediately resonated with me. I saw cuddling as a way that I could help others while helping myself. The practice of cuddling people who were not in my family was new to me as well, but as I explored it with friends, I found that it did indeed help my depression and anxiety to cuddle. I have cuddled with men and women of a variety of ages. Everyone has found it to be time well spent. My younger son, who has Autism, loves to cuddle with me. I am the "big spoon," even though he towers over me when we stand.

As the founder of Embrace Positive Touch,  I get to re-acquaint those in need of human physical connection with the warmth they seek. I provide a physically and emotionally safe environment in which adults of any age, gender, race, or orientation can receive the human touch they want, to a degree that they are comfortable with, at their own pace.

My business is located in Fredericksburg, Virginia, but I have clients that come from Maryland, DC, and Richmond as well. I-95 in Summer can be miserable. I have a shower you can use, if you like, when you arrive.

Come cuddle with me!I can be reached at:
info@embracepositivetouch.com  (preferred method. Please please please leave phone number or email!! Thanks! )
or   Text your name and questions to 540.661.8698
(9 AM to 8 PM EST. If you call, it will usually go to Voicemail. Please leave a clear message, with your name and a return phone number or email address. Thanks!)