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Embrace Positive Touch - Touch heals. Embrace it!

love to cuddleCuddling!
What a great idea!

I wish I could say I thought of it first, but I can't.
You might like to visit these pages to meet other trailblazers in Non-Sexual Positive Touch. They inspired me to bring this service to you.

Travis Sigley began Cuddle Therapy in San Francisco in 2004.

Then Juan Mann did his Free Hugs Campaign in Sydney in 2004.

And Jackie Samuel opened The Snuggery in Rochester in 2012.

Samantha Hess got the world's undivided attention with Cuddle Up To Me in Portland in 2013.  She has a storefront with 3 additional cuddlers in Portland, Oregon. She even started CuddleCon on Valentine's Day in Portland, in 2015.  She recently inspired all four judges on America's Got Talent to cuddle on stage! She's a woman with a mission!


The Snugglebuddies  in NJ, PA, DE

All of us have Facebook pages as well. Be sure to visit and LIKE, if you like!

Contact Us-Employment Inquiries
If you identify with the spirit of  Non-sexual Positive Touch, and would like to offer your services as a chaperone or cuddler, use the form below to contact me. Be advised, that if I have a large number of applicants, I will give preference to those who have joined and participated in our Meetup Group, Embrace the World. This gives me an opportunity to interact with you and know your personality better. :-)
I am not currently hiring, but I will be happy to contact you later if that changes. Please let me know where you heard about us. Thanks!
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