Embrace Positive Touch - Intake Process - Fredericksburg, VA
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If you are interested in becoming a Cuddling Session Client, you will need to read the Terms set out below.(Listed as #1-27.) They will give you a clearer idea of what to expect from a Cuddle Session. These terms are the boundaries which I require in order to feel comfortable offering this service to you, and they are absolutely non-negotiable.

You will also need to review the Body Map below to familiarize yourself with the areas that are permissible to touch, and which aren't. Before the first session can occur, we make sure communication is clear, and expectations of all parties are aligned.

If you have reviewed the Terms and Body Map, and are in agreement, and wish to meet with me for an intake interview, then feel free to text me (Donna, at 540.661.8698) to request an Intake Meeting Appointment. I am sometimes unavailable to answer the phone, so it is best if you text me and make sure you include your name. Alternately, you could leave a voicemail message. Please do not CALL between 9pm and 9am. Thanks for your understanding.

I will contact you (between 9 am and 9pm,) and we can agree upon a meeting time. I don't have set hours of operation; I try to be as flexible as possible to accommodate your schedule, but I like sessions to be finished by 9 PM. Scheduling also depends somewhat upon the availability of one of my attendants.
We (you, my attendant, and I) will meet at a public place near my shop, and I will ask to take a photograph of your driver's license. I email this to my private email account, for my own safety, so that there is a record of who I am meeting with. This information is never shared and is only accessed if something happens to me and the authorities need to find me. My attendant will seat himself out of earshot to give us privacy to converse.

We will discuss the Body Map and the Cuddling Terms below line by line, and make sure that all questions are answered to both our satisfaction. We will ask each other questions we feel are pertinent to this arrangement, and our answers will determine our comfort with each other and our alignment of intentions. If we both feel comfortable with each other, then we can determine together to proceed. I then accept payment for the first session in cash or credit (I have a Square credit appliance. Checks are not accepted.) The first session is always kept to one hour, and later sessions of longer lengths may be scheduled afterward, so long as the first session goes well.

After payment, you will follow us in your vehicle to my shop, about a quarter of a mile away. My shop is in a house, which conveniently gives us use of a full bath. Should you feel damp from a long ride down I-95, you can take a quick shower. I provide shampoo, soap, towel, washcloth; I even have new toothbrushes available if you find yourself needing one. Or, you are welcome to bring your own things, if you prefer. Then, you can change (in the bathroom) into clean, comfortable clothing suitable for cuddling. Please bring clothing that covers shoulders to knees ( t-shirt, sleep shorts, scrubs, pajamas, sweats in colder weather. Boxer shorts alone are not adequate. Thank you.) Be comfortable. Our hands will stay outside of our clothing. Sleeveless shirts are fine.

We will be alone in the room, but the door will stay semi-open (there is also a room divider, so line of sight is disrupted from the hall.) My attendant will be seated outside the room for the entire session, and will be visually monitoring our activity on closed-circuit camera for safety and propriety.

Feel free to make a list of questions to bring with you to our meeting. My goal is for you to  feel completely comfortable with all aspects of this process from beginning to end. I appreciate your feedback at all points about your experience and your thoughts on ways that I can improve it. Professional Cuddling is a relatively new service, and together, we can tweak it to make it all that it can and should be.

Terms of Service for Cuddling Sessions (NON NEGOTIABLE.)
Please read BEFORE you schedule your Intake Interview. Thanks!

1. The cuddle sessions are NOT to be interpreted as sexual. All touching, both given and received, will be conducted in a professional and non-sexual manner.

2. Touching is limited to areas which would normally be covered by a swimsuit.

3. Both parties will remain fully clothed with minimum appropriate coverage being workout shorts and a tank top. Clothing must be opaque (not see-through.)

4. Hands will remain outside of clothing at all times for both parties.

5. Kissing of any kind, anywhere, is not acceptable.

6. Both parties are requested to verbalize any unwanted actions before and during sessions. To avoid misconduct, either party may guide hands away from an action or give 2 quick taps as an indication that the action should be halted. Verbal respectfulness is also expected.

7. No absolutely always means no. All participants have the right to change their mind at any moment and verbally opt out of any touch they are no longer comfortable with.

8. Should any of my actions be interpreted as inappropriate or a risk to personal safety, Embrace Positive Touch, LLC, reserves the right to terminate the session immediately with no warning or refund given. Under no circumstance is it appropriate for one participant to pin or otherwise physically detain another participant.

9. Clients must be 18 years or older to book a session.

10. A current form of state or government issued photo identification is required and a copy will be kept on file.

11.. Cleanliness and adequate hygiene are required by both parties. This specifically includes showering and having teeth brushed close to the appointment time, wearing freshly laundered clothing, and no (or minimal) perfume/cologne. This includes smoke odors as well. If I arrive for a session in an unhygienic state, I will be denied service but charged for the appointment.

12. I am to arrive at the appointment clear-headed and in good health (with no symptoms of communicable diseases.) If I arrive for the appointment ill or inebriated my appointment will be canceled, I will be charged for a missed appointment.

13. I am to arrive no more than 5 minutes before my scheduled appointment, and leave no more than 10 minutes after its conclusion. No loitering in or outside the office is permissible.

14. Appointments are to be made by phone or in person as I leave. I may not come to the office unannounced.

15. Session times begin when the professional enters the room and session length will be monitored by a third party.

16. If requested, sessions may be lengthened at a per minute rate, at the complete discretion of Embrace Positive Touch.

17. Payment is required prior to the start of any session. If I am using a credit or debit card, I authorize Embrace Positive Touch to charge the card account I provide on the Authorization form for services as well as fees for missed appointments. No personal checks will be accepted.

18. If I am unable to keep my appointment, 24 hours notice is required, or I will be charged for the appointment at the full rate. If I will be more than 5 minutes late, I must contact Embrace Positive Touch by phone to avoid being charged for the time.

19. Video monitoring is required for all sessions completed on site, for the safety of both parties. No audio will be monitored.

20. Embrace Positive Touch LLC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.  Acceptance of clients is COMPLETELY at our discretion.

21. Cuddlers may or may not be Licensed Massage Therapists, however, massage type touch (foot massage, back rubs) received during cuddling sessions is not for therapeutic purposes, and is only for enjoyment. Because the boundaries for Cuddling and Therapeutic Massage are so different, if I desire a therapeutic massage, I must book one on a different day than the cuddling appointment.

22. Employees of Embrace Positive Touch are NOT trained counselors or Psychologists. All conversation is held in confidentiality, but is for enjoyment only, and not meant to be a replacement for psychotherapy.

23. Employees of Embrace Positive Touch reserve the right to report to 911 any reported intentions of self-harm or intentions to harm others. Employees of Embrace Positive Touch my make recommendations to clients for counseling, but are not responsible for the actions or efficacy of said counselors.

24. Employees of Embrace Positive Touch will report suspected abuse to Social Services as required by the Code of Virginia 63.2-1509,

25. Any and all of my records, including medical information, may be shared with authorities (including EMTs and police) on an as-needed basis in the event of emergency or police investigation.

26 .In the event that Embrace Positive Touch is asked to work with another healthcare team or physician for therapeutic benefit, all records and correspondence will be kept confidential per HIPPA guidelines.

27. Embrace Positive Touch LLC and its employees will not be held responsible for any property loss that may occur, or for any injuries that may result from a session. I hereby release the company and employees from any and all liability(except for gross negligence and/or willful misconduct) for such incidents.

Cuddling Boundaries Body Map
All areas in red are OFF LIMITS.
Cuddling Boundaries Body Map. All areas in RED are OFF LIMITS.