Embrace Positive Touch - Infant Massage Classes - Fredericksburg, VA
Embrace Positive Touch - Touch heals. Embrace it!
Infant Massage Classes now available! 

Massage is not just for adults! 

Massage has a number of wonderful benefits for both infants and their parents: 

*Improved bonding between parent and child, including fostered and adopted children
*Great way for Dads to bond with their babies!
*Improved ability of parents to read child's nonverbal cues
*Better and longer sleep for child AND parent
*Improvement in symptoms of GI tract issues: gas, constipation, colic,
*Better absorption of nutrients from feedings (resulting in 50% faster weight gain for Preemies, and earlier release times from the hospital!)
*Calming of nervous or crying babies
*faster Myelination of child's nervous system 
*increased cognitive function
*Increased ability to self-soothe when upset
*Increased awareness (for child) of proprioceptive sense..ability to know where body is in space, and awareness of discreet body parts
*Increased awareness in child of appropriate touch, healthy boundaries, and empowerment to refuse unwanted touch from others
Embrace Positive Touch is now offering private and small group classes in Infant Massage for Parents.  I am a CEIM (Certified Educator of Infant Massage) trained by Infant Massage USA

Classes are 5 weeks, an hour per session. They are a great way to connect with other parents and build a supportive group of new friends!

This may be one of the best things you do for your child! Recommended age for Infant massage lessons is between 6 weeks and 1 year, but lessons can be adapted for Preemies, newborns, and older children. I can also work with you at the hospital if your Preemie is not yet home. 

Gift certificates for Infant Massage make great Baby Shower gifts, too!  Please contact Donna at 540.661.8698 to learn more about class scheduling and pricing. I am passionate about sharing Infant Massage far and wide, and I'm willing to support your efforts to learn. If you have financial considerations, let me know, and we will find a way.