Embrace Positive Touch - How Do We Cuddle? - Fredericksburg, VA
Embrace Positive Touch - Touch heals. Embrace it!
You have questions.  I have answers.

head in lapPerhaps you are not familiar with Positive Non-Sexual Touch? 
Allow me to touch on that for you.

First, we meet, interview each other, discuss policies and procedures, and determine whether we wish to continue. 

During the session,we are clothed at all times, in comfy but fairly conservative clothes.

There are others in the next room. This keeps everybody safe and honest.

We can be on a couch or in a bed. Want to sleep? Then sleep. Talk? That works, too. We can read aloud, or watch a movie.

so comfy and wamWe touch a little or a lot; it's up to you. If it's in the red "underwear zone" on the Body Map, it's off limits.

Touch can range from eye gazing, holding hands, to back rubs, backscratching, scalp massage, cuddling, spooning, and co-sleeping. Rub my feet. I'll rub yours. Relax. Feel good.

It's about feeling comforted, not aroused. But arousal happens. It's a normal human response to relaxation. Honestly, it's not a big deal. Switch positions if it bugs you.

After 60-90 minutes of warm, wonderful human contact, you have an Oxytocin buzz, and life feels a lot gentler. Natural attitude adjustment and minor pain relief, with no negative side effects! What's not to like?

Cuddling services are not offered in-home. Massage appointments and Cuddling appointments may not  follow one another on the same day.
Now open! Text 540.661.8698 for an intake meeting appointment! Please leave your name and specify Cuddling/Nurturing Touch. 
If you are interested in a Cuddling Session, you must read this first!