Embrace Positive Touch - FAQs About Cuddling - Fredericksburg, VA
Embrace Positive Touch - Touch heals. Embrace it!
FAQs about the Cuddle Session Experience

snuggling on a blanket in a parkCan I drop in for a cuddle?
Nope, appointments only.

Will you cuddle with anyone?
NO. You have to have an initial intake interview first. This is not for everyone. I don't discriminate over stupid things like race or orientation. But if you don't respect boundaries, I can't take you as a client.

What do I wear?
Anything you're comfortable in, that covers from shoulders almost to the  knees. Sleeveless is fine. Pajamas, sweats, scrubs all work. T-shirt and loose jeans. Soft is good. We don't wear perfume or cologne. We do shower and brush our teeth before we meet. Hygiene is key. 

Are we ever nude when we cuddle?
No, we are clothed at all times. Our hands stay outside of our clothes.
And, there is a private space for you to change clothes before and after.

cuddling on the couch
Can we take it further than a cuddle if we want to?
No, There is no kissing or sex of any kind. Touching is limited to areas not normally covered by underwear, and also by respect for both participants' personal boundaries. We communicate. It's POSITIVE touch. There are NO "upgrades." If you ask, I WILL be offended, and I will not take you as a client.

Are you hiring cuddlers?
Not yet.

Are you offering double cuddles, overnights, or cuddle parties?
No, but Snuggle Parties are in the works. They're so much fun.  Movie cuddles are available, but only in the office.
sleeping together in a hammockI want to cuddle! How do I get started?
Terrific! Fill out the CONTACT Us-Guest form, and I will be in touch as soon as possible.

Be sure to leave a name, email, and  phone number. I have forms to email you to save us time.

Please let me know how you heard about my service!

Are you a Licensed Massage Therapist?
I am an LMT. The cuddling service is separate from massage. If you hire me for a massage, there will be no cuddling involved, it is strictly massage therapy only, and as with all therapeutic massage, the client does not touch the therapist. The cuddling service differs from massage in that you are permitted to touch me back. Cuddling and massage must be scheduled on separate days.

Are you a licensed counselor or therapist? 
No. I am an empathetic and present listener. If you tell me something that gives me pause, and I think you might want to run it by a professional, I will surely tell you so.  All of our conversations are confidential. I am very well versed in HIPAA regulations.

Please send me any other questions you may have.
I will be happy to answer them for you!