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Embrace Positive Touch - Touch heals. Embrace it!
Embrace the World! It needs your hugs!!

"Don't just go into the world and do well.
Go into the word and do good."

all you need is love. My vision for Embrace Positive Touch is for it to be a beacon of social sensitivity and responsibility in the world. I want Embrace to do its part to do good in the world. I have some great ideas; I would love to hear your great ideas as well.

You can do this, too, you know...
Hug Your Neighbor!
Love thy neighbor! Give free hugs! Embrace Positive Touch LLC sponsors a Meetup.com group of volunteer huggers (self-proclaimed "Huggin' Fools") called Embrace the World. (See the link below. And join us!) Our mission is to hold scheduled and advertised Free Hug Events in malls and other public spaces, which will provide the opportunity for people to get free hugs and help to raise awareness about the important health effects of leading a touch-deprived life. It is my goal to sway the tide of public opinion surrounding healthy platonic touch, so that more people are able to confidently and safely ask for the touch that they need in their lives from friends and family (and even strangers, if they like,) without fear or stigma.  

In the past, Embrace the World has also accepted small donations for carefully chosen charities whose missions coincide with our goals.  Some charities that we have worked with include The Wounded Warriors Project,  Operation Paws for Homes, and Children's Hospital. 100% of donations go directly to the specified charity. 

You are warmly invited to join us in our efforts to create more peace and human connection in the world. Read more at:

My freind, Jeff Mauer, also sponsors a meetup, meetup.com/Free-Hugs-DC-MD-VA  They are a fun bunch, as well, and meet more regularly than Embrace does. 

Pro Bono for Hospice:
Recent studies have shown that people with terminal illness are currently not receiving adequate spiritual care . This is unacceptable to me. I feel that the touch of other caring humans is a deeply spiritual and comforting experience, and I offer my pro bono services to hospice patients who desire them in the Fredericksburg, VA area. This is the only instance in which I will consider making house calls. If you or someone you know would like to learn more, just ask.