Embrace Positive Touch - A New Cuddling Service!
Embrace Positive Touch - Touch heals. Embrace it.
Would you like a hug? Because, we have one for you.
cuddling on the couchWe are conditioned to believe that once you hit puberty, all touch in your life becomes about sex; that all those warm, comforting cuddles and hugs that we enjoyed as children are only for children.

For our own sake, it's time to challenge that attitude.

Welcome to the soft, warm world of Non-Sexual Positive Touch.

spooning in bedHumans need touch. Not just infants. Not just children. Humans. All of us.
In order to be healthy. Happy. Sane, even.

The latest research on brain physiology and the psychology of happiness validates what we have known all along.

Sometimes, don't you just need a hug?

Of course you do. It doesn't matter your gender, age, status. If you bleed red, breathe air, and live in this culture, there's a really good chance you're not getting your RDA of touch. And that is a problem. (Did you know that it is recommended that we each get 12 hugs a day? Well, it is!)  Lack of positive touch affects your health, and quality of life. Touch heals.

sleeping together- cosleeping
Are you missing out on touch in your life?

See our "Contact Us" page to sign up for a cuddle session! We are bringing Nonsexual Positive Touch to some of the most stressed people in our country: Washingtonians!

This service WILL BE OPENING 2015.  We are not yet operational. Let us know if you would like us to contact you when we open.